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Orange County Collections & Creditor Attorney – Huntington Beach

Olson Law Firmcan help you with your debt collection cases in California to recover the money that is owed to you. We often take collections cases on a contingency fee so there would not be any upfront legal fees unless we are successful on collecting your debt.

For Plaintiff Creditors, we provide assistance in all aspects of litigation including:

  • Pre-litigation Demand Letters
    Before a lawsuit is filed, our Huntington Beach Collections Attorney can assist you with negotiations and demand Letters that could save time and money and persuade the debtor to pay your bill.  We can also assist in asset investigation, bankruptcy considerations, and full case evaluation.
  • Debt Collections LawsuitLawyer -Southern California
    Filing a lawsuit requires an Experienced Orange County Litigation Law Firm.   Our Attorney has the knowledge to file Collections / Breach of Contract claims against a debtor and this can be one of the most effective methods of getting your debtor to pay you back.  In some cases, you may be able to obtain pre-judgment remedies such as writ of attachment on personal property, business assets, bank levies, and lis pendens (Notice of Pending Action).
  • Attorney To Enforce of California Judgments
    Our legal services include seeking bank levies, wage garnishments, judgment liens on real property (abstracts of judgment), personal property liens including UCC liens, judgment debtor exams of defendants and third parties.
  • Sister State Judgments: Out of State Judgments that need to be enforced in California
    Many times out of state attorney’s and creditors need the assistance of a local Orange County, California attorney to get an out of state judgment approved in California to reach the assets of a California resident.  Olson Law Firm provides legal representation to have an out of state judgment entered in California, in addition to the collection of that judgment once it is entered.

Fraudulent Transfersto Avoid Collection

For Defendant Creditors
We also provide assistance in all aspects of litigation, including defenses to fair debt collection practices act.

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