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Olson Law Firm is a civil litigation law firm that can handle all types of breach of contract claims.  A contract is an agreement between two parties to do or not do a certain thing, and when a dispute arises, you will need the assistance of an experienced attorney to help you assess your legal rights and potential liabilities.  Our lawyer can identify the risks and benefits from the actions taken and can represent you in court, arbitration, or mediation.

Contract Dispute Resolution Lawyer in Orange County CA

In a breach of contract case, Plaintiff’s typically seek to recover the approximate agreed upon performance of the agreement, which may include loss profits (benefit of the bargain).  A Plaintiff may also seek special damages, which are damages that the defendant knew or reasonably should have known would cause Plaintiff’s harm if the contract is breached.  Under certain circumstances, a Plaintiff may also seek equitable remedies such as specific performance, and attorney’s fees and costs.  Depending on the contract, additional damages may also be recoverable. As a result, it is important to consult with an experienced breach of contract attorney to evaluate your contract case and damages so you can maximize your recovery.  Contact our litigation law firm in today.

Defenses to Breach Of Contract Claims

Since damages in a breach of contract claim can get very high, you need to consult with a lawyer that can help put on your defenses to the case.  Some defenses that may be available include: fraud, mistake, duress, failure to mitigate damages, waiver, novation, and statute of limitations.  You may also be able to prove that you did not breach the contract or that your failure to perform was excused, justified, or prevented.  If you can defend the contract claims, you may be entitled to recover your attorney’s fees and costs from the Plaintiff.  You may also be able to file a cross-claim against the Plaintiff to seek other damages that you have incurred as a result of his wrongful conduct.  If you have been accused or sued for breach a contract, contact our breach of contract lawyer in Huntington Beach today.

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