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Civil Fraud Attorney, Huntington Beach, CA

Olson Law Firm has the experience and skills necessary to litigate fraud claims for you individually or on behalf or your business.  Misrepresentations and concealments made to consumers and businesses can be extremely damaging and if you have been the victim of fraud, you need the assistance of our fraud lawyer in Huntington Beach to recover the damages that you have sustained.

Damages for Misrepresentations in California, Fraud Lawyer

A defendant who is guilty of civil fraud in Southern California may be liable for substantial damages, out of pocket losses, lost profits, loss earnings, medical expenses, pain and suffering, and punitive damages.  The damages could be even greater if the fraud is caused by a California real estate broker, agent, or other fiduciary.  Additionally, you may be entitled to rescind or disaffirm a contract that you entered into as a result of fraud, including mortgage loans, partnership agreements, and purchase agreements.

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